Anita Voelker Scholarship Fund for Research in Literacy Education

What is the Voelker Literacy Research Award?

photo of anita VoelkerIt is a monetary award open to students in the Education Department who are conducting, presenting, or writing about research in a field related to literacy. This can include Family Literacy, Children’s Literature, Emergent Literacy, TESOL Literacy, Technology and Literacy, Writing Methods, Oral Literacy, Storytelling, Listening Skills, and other cross-departmental research collaboration with literacy as a focus. In rare cases, faculty can also submit a request if they are using the funds to support a literacy project which involves education students.

History of Award

Dr. Anita Voelker joined the Messiah College faculty in 1993 and retired in 2014 as professor of literacy education.  From the time she became a part of the Messiah family, she had a profound impact on students, faculty, and the broader Messiah community.  Through her love of teaching, she has inspired countless students to become advocates for young children – leading by her example of enthusiasm and compassion.  Through her love of books, she has inspired countless readers to appreciate both a wide array of children’s literature and the beautiful artwork associated with books for children.  And through her love of our Lord, she has inspired countless believers to follow the example of Jesus in all that we do.

How can the fund be used?

Fund Distribution: The funds can be used in various ways.

  • Conference Presentations
    • Must be presenting at a conference
    • $250.00 max per person
  • Support for Honor Projects including Department Honors
    • Purchase books and other supplies for research
    • $150.00 max per person
  • Faculty/student research projects 
    • Faculty and Student co-conduct a research project
    • Purchase books and other supplies for research
    • $100.00 max
  • Service oriented literacy projects
    • Open to faculty or students
    • Supplies for projects
    • Must have a component of research with the project
    • $100.00 max


Application for Funds: Complete the Voelker Literacy Research Application and submit to the Dean of the School of Arts, Culture, and Society by Nov. 1. Each application must have one letter of support from a faculty member.

Application Deadlines

Students may apply for funds by Nov. 1 for full consideration. Requests after that time will only be considered if funds are still available.  Award decisions will be made shortly after Nov. 1.