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Genesis Solar CarPast Activities

Here are a few of the activities undertaken in the past by Messiah Engineering students and faculty:

These activities are no longer active within the department, but they still represent a legacy of achievement by Messiah students and faculty.

Dokimoi Ergatai
For many years, students and faculty within the Department of Engineering dedicated themselves to projects of service through the organization called Dokimoi Ergatai, or DE. You may be wondering, "what happened to DE?" Recently, the organization formerly known as Dokimoi Ergatai merged with the Collaboratory. Under this new identity, the Collaboratory (DE) has retained it's former focus on developing appropriate techology to meet the physical needs of the world's poor and needy and on developing students as future servant leaders. The former teams within DE have become groups within the Collaboratory. For more information on these groups or the Collaboratory as a whole, please visit the Collaboratory wiki.
Faculty Contact: Dr. David Vader

Genesis Solar Racing Team
Founded in 1993, the Genesis Solar Racing Team raced four solar cars in the Sunrayce competition, and entered two boats in the Solar Splash challenge. Messiah's Genesis Solar Racing team brought a legacy of innovation and technical achievement to the Deparment, including winning three technical innovation awards for aspects of solar car design. In 2001, due to changes in the race route and structure, the Messiah team decided to discontinue the American Solar Challenge because of safety risks. However, students continued by racing a solar boat in Solar Splash two years running, again winning mutiple technical awards. More recently, former Genesis team members have offered their expertise to the Flying Club and the Transportation Group of the Collaboratory to help with the Light Sport Aircraft and other projects.
Faculty Contact: Dr. Donald Pratt

Landmine Action Project
Over the past several years, Messiah College Engineering students have studied the problems caused by the millions of land mines that contaminate over 80 countries around the world. Several research directions were pursued by the engineering students, including infrared photography, a comparison of scent detection of mines using an artificial scent detector and a ferret, blast containment for mine disposal, and landmine eradication using spinning chains mounted on a small chassis. Most of these projects were organized underneath the Messiah College Landmine Action Project, or MCLAP. MCLAP has won regional and national recognition for promoting landmine action and championing the cause of landmine victims. More recently, a senior design project team worked on developing a low-cost prosthetic knee for landmine vicims. This work may eventually be continued by the Disability Resources Group (formerly Mobility Group) of the Collaboratory.
Faculty Contact: Dr. Donald Pratt

You can also read about our current activities.


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