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Why Philosophy?

We at Messiah work very hard to make our philosophy program both academically rigorous and unapologetically Christian.

Our primary goal is to train students toward intellectual maturity in the context of the Christian faith. We do this by engaging students in a careful, systematic investigation of fundamental issues of reality and human experience. We believe that by cutting their intellectual teeth on such issues as whether or not we have free will, God's relation to the world and to evil, and the nature and origin of morality, students gain the sort of valuable intellectual skills necessary for effectiveness in life, their Christian walk, and any career. As a recent New York Times article pointed out, by engaging in philosophical analysis, students are "well placed to think about problems of evidence, decision making, responsibility and ethics that life throws up."

Student evaluation of our courses consistently shows that we rank in the top 2% of classes nationwide on instilling "critical thinking and reasoning skills." Further, philosophy is well known as the best preparation for law school, where critical thinking is at a premium. Indeed, philosophy majors as a group score higher on the Graduate Record Examination than students in any other major. They score on average five percent above the mean on the LSAT (law), the GMAT (graduate management), the GRE verbal, and the GRE quantitative.

Philosophy is not for everyone, but if you are the sort of person who would like to hone critical thinking skills; to think more deeply about the world, life, and Christian beliefs; and to thoughtfully engage our culture, you should seriously consider either a philosophy major, double major, or minor.

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