Special Codes Used on Paper Pay Stubs

Due to the limited amount of space available on the paper pay stubs printed by the Payroll Office, the following short codes are used for deductions and earnings. The tables below will help you understand codes found only on the pay stubs which are printed by the Payroll Office.

The pay stubs you print yourself from self-service will contain longer, more descriptive labels, and are not listed here. If you need help understanding the self-service pay stubs, please contact us for assistance.

There are two tables below -- one for deduction codes and one for earnings (or pay) codes. Jump directly to the section by clicking one of the following links:

Deduction Code

What It Means

21-CCTB Local Wage Tax
AccidD&D Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
AFLACAcc AFLAC Personal Accident Insurance
AFLACCan AFLAC Cancer Indemnity Insurance
AFLACRid AFLAC Building Benefit Rider
AFLACSck AFLAC Sickness Indemnity Insurance
BS MedTx Medical Insurance (post-tax)
BSMedFA Medical Insurance (pre-tax)
BSMedNF Medical Insurance (pre-tax)
ChildSpt Child Support Garnishment
DentalFa Dental Insurance
DentalNF Dental Insurance
EdAstRep Educational Assistance Repayment
EMST Emergency Services Tax (obsolete)
Fed Tax Federal Income Tax
FICA/SS Social Security Tax
FlexDep Flexibal Spending Account - Dependent Care
FlexHlth Flexible Spending Account - Health
GrAidPay Graduate Aid Payment
Grp Life Group Life Insurance
Imp Life Imputed Income for Life Insurance
InsWaivr Insurance Waiver (a negative deduction that adds pay)
LocSvcTx Local Services Tax
LT Care Long Term Care Insurance
LT Disab Long Term Disability Insurance
MC Contr Contribution to Messiah College via Payroll Deduction
Medicare Medicare Tax
MovePymt Moving Expenses Repayment
PAcctGar Personal Account Garnishment
PTaxNRes Philadelphia Wage Tax, as a Non-Resident
PhTaxRes Philadelphia Wage Tax, as a Resident
SNoteRep Student Note Repayment
State Tx State Income Tax (Pennsylvania)
STDisab Short Term Disability Insurance
SUI State Unemployment Insurance Tax (Pennsylvania)
TaxGar Tax Garnishment
TermLife Term Life Insurance
TheStnd Retirement Contribution, Percent
TheStndR Retirement Contribution, Roth Percent
TSAddPct Retirement Contribution, Addional Percent
TSAdPctR Retirement Contribution, Additional Roth Percent
TSLoan Retirment Loan Repayment
TSPct50 Retirement Contribution, Addional Percent >50 yrs old
TSPct50R Retirement Contribution, Addional Roth % >50 yrs old
UnitWay Contribution to The United Way via Payroll Deduction
Vision Vision Insurance

Earnings/Pay Code

What It Means

AdjustPy Adjustment to Regular Pay
AdvdPay Advanced Pay
BonusAwd Bonus / Award Pay
CampPay Camp Worker Pay
Cell_Int Cell Phone / Internet Access Stipend
Christma Christmas Closed Pay
Closed Emergency Closed Pay
CWSSt Student Federal Work Study Pay
CWSStOT Student Federal Work Study Pay, Overtime
CWSStS Student Federal Work Study Pay, Summer Job
CWSStSO Student Federal Work Study Pay, Summer Job, Overtime
DebtForg Debt Forgiveness
Deceased Deceased Pay
Docked Docked Pay
EducAsst Educational Assistance (a taxable benefit)
EmgWkHol Emergency Essential / Worked a Holiday Pay
Funeral Funeral Pay
GradAid Graduate Aid
Holiday Holiday Pay
HousePas Housing - Pastoral
IWSOT Student Institutional Pay, Overtime
IWSOTS Student Institutional Pay, Summer Job, Overtime
IWSPay Student Institutional Pay
IWSPayS Student Institutional Pay, Summer Job
LvwoPwB Leave without Pay, with Benefits
LvwoPwoB Leave without Pay, without Benefits
LvwPwB Leave with Pay, with Benefits
LwPPwB Leave with Partial Pay, with Benefits
MdDis100 Short Term Medical Disability Pay at 100% of Salary
MdDis60 Short Term Medical Disability Pay at   60% of Salary
MiscStud Miscellaneous One-Time Pay, Student Employee
MisStuSu Miscellaneous One-Time Pay, Student Emp., Summer
Moving Moving Expenses
MovingNF Moving Expenses, Exempt from FICA Tax
MovingNT Moving Expenses, Non-Taxable
NPayCmp1 Non-Pay Compensation (e.g. gift card)
NPayCmp2 Non-Pay Compensation (e.g. gift card), Student
OTPay Overtime Pay
OvlCont Overload Pay, Contracted
OvlNCont Overload Pay, Non-Contracted (i.e. based on head count)
Personal Personal Pay
PUCC Personal Use of Company Car
Regular Regular Pay
RefBonus Referral Bonus Pay
Retropay Retroactive Pay (i.e. missed pay)
RetroStu Retroactive Pay - Student Acad Year (i.e. missed pay)
RmValue1 Student Room (a taxable benefit)
RmValue2 Student Room (a non-taxable benefit)
Severanc Severance Pay
Sick Sick Pay
SpclTemp Special Rate / Temporary Additional Pay
StBdNTax Student Board, Non-Taxable
StBdTax Student Board, Taxable
StpPyFee Stop Payment Fee
SuppPay1 Supplemental Pay
SuppPay2 Supplemental Pay, without Retirement/FICA/Medical
SuppPay3 Supplemental Pay, without Retirement
Travel Travel Allowance Pay
Vacation Vacation Pay
VacPayou Vacation Pay Out
W2Trvl W-2 Travel Reimbursement (a taxable benefit)