Special Rules for Food Purchases

When food has been purchased an itemized receipt must be attached.  The receipt should list each meal purchased, not just the total amount spent.  In addition, the full name of each Messiah College employee must be listed in the narrative details.  The number of students and outside guests must be listed as well.

 Please remember that the P-Card should never be used for payment at any on-campus dining facility.  Departments have hospitality cards for this purpose.

 Example 1:  Dinner for John Smith and Jason Kline at the CASE Conference in Washington DC, 1/3/13 – 1/5/13.

Example 2:  Dinner for Jessie Brown and the guest speaker for the “Service Opportunities” lecture being held at Messiah on 1/4/13.  

Example 3:  Lunch for Betty Jones, Sarah Smith, and 12 students attending the Religious Studies lecture in Harrisburg on 4/17/13.

Falcon nation restaurant meal