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Three Years FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a three-year or accelerated degree program?
How much can I potentially save by graduating early?
How do I know if my major provides opportunity for early graduation?
Will I need to formally declare my intent to graduate early (similar to the way that I'll need to declare a major or minor)?
Will Messiah College guarantee that I can graduate early?
Who should I work with to develop an individual academic "game plan" for graduating early?
Can I graduate early even if I didn't enter Messiah with alternative credit from high school (i.e., AP, CLEP, etc.)?
How do I know what course/credit equivalencies Messiah will give me for my alternative credit?
Will I need to take summer courses to earn a three-year or accelerated degree?
Can I be enrolled in the College Honors Program and graduate early?
Can I still be involved in extracurricular activities and graduate early?
How will pursuing early graduation impact my opportunities to study abroad?
If I graduate early when would I receive my diploma?