Performance Management

Laying the Groundwork…
Setting expectations for performance begins on a new hire’s first day.  Upon hire, Human Resources will send a post-process letter to the hiring manager which includes a list of things to cover with new employees.  In particular, the following items pertain to performance management:

  • Introduce your new hire to key personnel
  • Explain where the department fits within our institution
  • Review the Position Description with your new employee
How do I equip a new employee for success?
  • Ensure that each new employee knows what is expected of him/her in terms of job responsibilities
  • Supply all necessary tools and training
  • Give adequate opportunity for guided learning and practice
  • Provide specific and timely feedback
What kind of feedback should I give and when?
  • Acknowledge positive performance
  • Address problem behaviors
  • Both praise and constructive criticism should be given in a timely fashion
  • For further guidance, enroll in the Performance Management Workshop (PDF)
What is the formal appraisal process?
  • 45-Day Review
    • HR contacts the supervisor and the new hire individually
    • Checks that the employee feels welcomed, trained and prepared for success
    • Checks with the supervisor to ensure that the employee is meeting expectations 
  • 90-Day Review at the end of the probationary period
    • Supervisor meets with new hire
    • Evaluates the employee in terms of fit with the position and the College
    • Evaluates the employee’s potential for future success in the role
    • Employees that have transferred to another area or taken on significant new responsibilities also should receive a 90-day Review
  • Annual Performance Appraisal
    • Self-evaluation component and supervisor appraisal
    • Operations conducts their reviews on the anniversary of hire date
    • All other reviews are due on June 15 or before the employee leaves for summer break (unless alternative arrangements have been made with HR)
    • Standardized forms (Admin/Staff) available for staff and administrative employees
    • Many divisions have customized review templates
The main event…or is it? The annual performance appraisal
  • The annual Performance Appraisal should be the capstone of ongoing performance conversations
  • Employees who understand expectations and where they stand throughout the year are more engaged and productive
Preparing for the annual performance appraisal
  • Log specific examples of both positive and problem behaviors using the Performance Tracking Feedback Tool.
  • Gather feedback from the individuals and departments that the employee supports
  • Ask your employee to complete the self-evaluation portion of the appraisal
  • Schedule uninterrupted time for the conversation

What is included in an effective performance appraisal?

  • Discuss Job assignment
  • Update position description if necessary
  • Discuss work environment
  • Re-affirm employee contributions
  • Address areas for improvement

When is disciplinary action warranted?

  • Performance issues are handled on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact Human Resources for direction regarding any possible disciplinary action and related documentation requirements.