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Student Government Association (SGA)

Student body president tim sensenig

Welcome from the Student Body President

The leadership of SGA shall have the following purpose: to provide leadership for the student body; to promote spiritual growth; to provide opportunities for students to serve others; to support and recognize quality services and activities; and to represent students before the Administration, Faculty, Board of Trustees, and surrounding community.

We students at Messiah are engaged and passionate about community life and serving a greater purpose than ourselves. We love to get involved and give back, and one of the best ways to contribute is through the Student Government Association (SGA). Not only does SGA provide leadership for many types of clubs on campus, but the leadership roles themselves are a learning opportunity. Our symbol of the bridge says it best: SGA leadership seeks to connect students to administration, faculty, and staff, but also to serves as a support system on which student organizations can build.

SGA is committed to leaving both the College and our students in a better place than when we started the year. We welcome you to explore our many programs and email us if you have any questions!

Warm regards,
Timothy Sensenig
Student Body President