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Student Government Association (SGA)

Welcome from the Student Body President

The leadership of SGA shall have the following purpose: to provide leadership for the student body; to promote spiritual growth; to provide opportunities for students to serve others; to support and recognize quality services and activities; and to represent students before the Administration, Faculty, Board of Trustees, and surrounding community.


Notice the language in these goals: “to provide . . . to promote . . . to support . . . to represent . . .” These terms remind us that our jobs aren’t about “us” as a small group, but “us” as an entire community. We aim to empower the students of Messiah College to come alongside one another in support as friends, classmates, teammates and neighbors. To this end, we are continually seeking to strengthen partnerships, both old and new, from on and off campus in order to provide students with the resources they need.

Some of those resources can be found right here on this website. On the left, you’ll find links that will introduce you to the Student Senate, the Student Review Board and the Student Body President’s Cabinet. You can also find a full listing of our clubs and organizations as well as our current governance manual. Periodically, we will post updates from Senate and the Cabinet on the “SGA Press Releases” page. Like us on Facebook to receive even more updates and to see what our campus partners are accomplishing.

Have questions this website can’t answer? Have an idea you’d like to share? Send us a message through the “Contact Us” link, or email us as If you’re on campus, stop by during our office hours to introduce yourself. We’d love to talk with you!

All the best,

Jake Edmunds

Student Body President



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