Step 3 - Acknowledgement and Requirements

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The Seven Steps to Financial Aid

Step 3 - Review your acknowledgements and requirements


After you file your FAFSA, you will receive an acknowledgement email from the federal processor.  This just lets you know that your application has been received and is in process.

When the processing of your FAFSA is completed, you will receive a Student Aid Report.  The Student Aid Report is a summary of your application data.  Review this carefully for any messages about things you need to do, and for information about your eligibility for various financial aid programs.

Messiah will also receive this report and we will use it to get started on the completion of your financial aid package.


There may be things we need from you in order to complete the processing of your financial aid.  These things might be from a number of categories, but one of the most common reasons a student has additional requirements is verification.

When you file your Free Application for Federal Student Aid, the Federal processor might select you for verification. If so, the Messiah College Financial Aid Office will also send you an email with instructions on what you need to do.  You will access this information via your account on MCSquare.  Read more about verification requirements

Go on to Step 4 to learn more about how to satisfy your requirements.