Get Involved


Pursue your interests

In between studying, practicing, performing and working, there are plenty of ways for you to get involved with co-curricular clubs and organizations. We think it’s important for you to pursue a passion or discover a new interest outside the classroom because it helps you adjust to college, develop meaningful relationships, boost self-esteem and give you the tools to become an effective leader.


There are more than 70 different student clubs and organizations at Messiah ranging from social and leisure activities, such as rec sports and the Student Activities Board, to service groups through the Agapé Center, to worship teamsstudent government, media, multicultural and more. No matter what clubs or organizations you choose, you’ll get to participate in rich social and cultural experiences that extend beyond the classroom and often beyond the Messiah community.


Messiah's campus is an active, busy place. Throughout your time here, you will find many opportunities to “belong” and meet people who share your interests and hobbies, or who will challenge you to stretch yourself and try new things.

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