Student expectations at Messiah University

Similar to other colleges and universities, students at Messiah are asked to adhere to certain behavioral guidelines. At other institutions, these types of guidelines exist primarily to maintain order and establish appropriate disciplinary processes. At Messiah the expectations outlined in the University’s Code of Conduct and Community Covenant achieve this as well, but also fulfill a higher purpose: They establish the biblical standards for how we live in community together and reflect the University’s theological heritage and educational commitments.

As a Christian community of higher education, Messiah highly values the connection between what we believe, the way we live and the way we learn. Specific standards of conduct help assure that the University fulfills its mission through nurturing personal and spiritual growth and maintaining an atmosphere conducive to learning and academic excellence.

Community Covenant

The Community Covenant provides a biblical framework and context for our community life and "affirms that life draws meaning from submission to Christ and service to others."
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Information on Expectations