The coffeehouse is a monthly show that showcases student talent.  Come get some free coffee and cookies while enjoying a great show!  SAB Coffeehouses serve our campus in several ways.  They provide an opportunity for students to bring their talent to the next level.  Come out to auditions the weekend before the show with your unique talent and the desire to bless an audience with your talent!  Coffeehouse was also created to raise awareness of the talent that exists right here on our campus.  Encouragement from fellow peers is a fine jewel offered to those who are brave enough to get on stage in front of a big audience.  And finally, Coffeehouse is meant to inspire.  Cheer for your friends and peers on stage, and let the show inspire new ideas and passions.


Upcoming Coffeehouse Dates:

Student Band Showcase

Auditions: October 24th 

Performance: October 28th



For more information, contact Sydney Schappell.


Stay tuned this semester for more information on the SAB Showcase!

Introducing SAB Showcase! Held in the Union once a semester, SAB Showcase features live performances from student talent who have previously performed in a Coffeehouse. The SAB Showcase aims to allow 3-4 artists a longer and more intimate timeframe to perform for our audience. SAB thrives on fostering a culture of vibrant arts and entertainment.  We seek to encourage and raise awareness of the talent on Messiah’s campus while providing an atmosphere for students to explore and discuss music and culture with other passionate artists at Messiah. All students are welcome to attend. The artists share their talent, while all attendees have an opportunity to delve deeper into the performers' various musical styles. Since we are made in the image of the Almighty Creator, we all are given unique skills and talents, and SAB Showcase is just one of the many ways to use those talents. Come join our semester showcase!