Internship Requirments

Internship Site Requirements

 Site Selection Process 

It is the responsibility of the student to secure an approved site and Site Supervisor. Messiah’s Higher Education faculty can assist students in finding a site. The HIED Program also maintains a representative list of previous internship sites that may be helpful.

In exploring possible sites, it is recommended that students refer to the Course Requirements, Site Guidelines, Site Supervisor Guidelines as well as doing some research about the institution/site prior to making contact with sites. It is also recommended that students are well-prepared to ask questions about the site and to explain the course requirements prior to meeting with the potential site supervisor. Finally, as most graduate students are not paid for internship experiences, it is important that students recognize this and make it clear to their potential site supervisors. The internship provides many professional and educational benefits.

Qualifications of the Site Supervisor 

Because of the experiential nature of the internship experience it is important that the student select a site supervisor who will work closely with the student on a regular basis. This relationship ensures that the student receives necessary guidance, the host institution authorizes the student’s activities, the host institution’s needs are being considered, and that relevant expertise and institutional resources are readily available to the student.

Site Supervisor Qualifications:

 1. A master’s degree in higher education, student affairs, college athletics management or a related degree consistent with their current role/profession
2. Five years of experience (post-master’s degree) in higher education and at least one year of successful full-time professional experience at their current institution.
3. Relevant experience in supervision
4. Allocated time for mentoring, training and supervising the Messiah College Graduate Intern.
5. Students may not use their current employment supervisor as their internship supervisor.

Qualifications of the Site:

The site setting should connect well with the student’s concentration. Be sure that it is consistent with the students’ professional and educational goals

Site Qualifications:

 1. Only institutions of higher education and sites that exist to serve college students and the field of higher education will be approved.
2. Messiah College Graduate Assistants cannot complete the internship requirements at their Messiah College Graduate Assistantship site. They must establish a site and site supervisor that is unique from their Graduate Assistantship role.
3. Students may not use their current employment site as their internship site. They may complete their internship at their current institution (as long as it meets requirement #1), but they must establish a site that is unique from their current employment.

Hours Requirement

Students must complete a minimum of 120 hours within the parameters of the entire semester. Of these 120 hours, a minimum of one hour a week must be in direct supervision by the Site Supervisor. The remainder of the 120 hours should be in areas that are directly related to the needs of the Site and the goals as outlined in the Learning Agreement. A Time Log will be kept by the Intern. This is found on the Internship Website under Forms. In addition to 120 hours, the intern will have required work as outlined in the course syllabus.

Responsibilities of the Student

An internship is the result of a cooperative arrangement between the Messiah College Higher Education program and the partnering department/ institution. Regardless of the assignment and responsibilities, students are reminded that they are guests of the partnering institution. Because the internship is tailored to each individual’s academic program, the prospective intern should discuss his/her professional plans and aspirations with the on-site supervisor. The experience should direct the student toward practical applications of theory related to his/her professional interests. The needs of the host department should also be given prime consideration as the intern experience takes form. Prior to enrollment in HIED 562, the student should complete the following procedures:


  1. To identify an institution and an on-site supervisor for the proposed internship.
  2. To identify your personal goals and objectives for the internship.
  3. To secure an agreement as to what will constitute the experience, including time commitment, expectations, supervisor, etc.
  4. To identify any necessary resources needed to complete the experience. 

Responsibilities of the Messiah College Internship Faculty

The relationship between the student, the site supervisor, and Messiah College must reflect cooperation and open communication. This relationship is the foundation of the internship and will dictate the success of the field experience. 

  1. To understand and communicate the requirements and objectives of HIED 562.
  2. To facilitate the formulation of a proposed internship and assist in the identification of an on-site supervisor to guide the student.
  3. To review and approve an agreement among the intern, the on-site supervisor, and Messiah College as to what will constitute the internship.
  4. To communicate with the intern and on-site supervisor as needed for progress reports and discussions.
  5. To evaluate the student’s performance for a course grade.

Responsibilities of the Site Supervisor

  1. To formulate and actualize the experience with the student.
  2. To clarify through a written agreement with the student and Messiah College the goals and objectives to be achieved by the student.
  3. To ensure that the necessary services and resources are available to the student.
  4. Meet regularly with the student as needed for direction.
  5. To communicate with the Messiah College Internship Faculty as needed throughout the semester.
  6. To complete a mid-term and end of term evaluation of the intern’s performance.