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Pre-Veterinary Program

Pre-Veterinary Program at Messiah College

Messiah College has a proud tradition of preparing students for careers in Veterinary Medicine. While the academic and experiential requirements may vary by institution, most of them have similar requirements. Prospective applicants are encouraged to research the schools to which they may apply to best plan their curriculum. The purpose of this document is to present a brief outline of what is generally expected of successful applicants to Veterinary School, and how Messiah College prepares its students to meet and often exceed these requirements. You will note that at Messiah we have a Pre- Veterinary Program . Our program is best thought of as an overlay of courses that can be scheduled as part of most majors, with the exception of engineering and nursing.

Description of the Profession
Course Requirements
Application Timeline
Standardized Test
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Admissions Criteria
Length of Program
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