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Messiah College Press offers a variety of merchandise for sale to the educators, staff, students and guests of our campus community.  Some items we carry in stock while others are available through a custom order. 

We always have available Messiah College generic letterhead and second-page letterhead, “While You Were Out” message pads, “Messiah College Notes” lined note pads, Campus Maps, large and small bluebooks, and Faltron (Test) forms.

College press merchandise

Banners / Display Materials

In addition to wide format marques, we offer a variety of indoor and outdoor banners, including the popular indoor X-frame banner w/stand on display in the lobby at College Press, and outdoor fabric banners as seen on campus at athletic events. We offer design assistance to campus clients and will work with you to achieve the best quality and pricing available.

Blank paper

A variety of colors, sizes, and qualities are available for your smaller printing needs that you do at your campus printer.

Place an order with us to print

Campus Maps, Department Letterhead, Business Cards, “From the Desk of…” Memo Pads, your department-specific forms, and much more!

Please see our various Order Forms found in the College Press section of Employee Forms at MCSquare for ordering, or call us at extension 6030 on campus (off campus calls - 717.796.1800 ext 6030) for more information and current prices.