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Department of Information and Mathematical Sciences

Department of Information and Mathematical Sciences

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  • For many people and industries, scheduling meetings is a time consuming task. Finding satisfactory times for new meetings can be very difficult, particularly when the meetings have many participants or existing meetings need to be moved. How can intelligent software agents help automate the process? James Atlas ('01, Computer Science) studies distributed constraint optimization approaches to multi-agent scheduling in his PhD program at the University of Delaware.
  • How accurate are sonar counts of fish passage rates into spawning grounds? The Alaskan Fish and Game Department wanted to know, and Dr. Barbara Adams ('91, Mathematics) used a mathematical model based on wave propagation theory to answer the question.
  • Mark Forman ('86, Computer Science) teaches mathematics and computer skills to women and children at the Ramabai Mukti Mission, a Christ-centered mission for women and children in India. When children and adults know math and technology, they can step out of poverty.
  • Dr. Jeffrey Morris ('93, Mathematics) is a professor at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX. In the article "Biostatistician Makes Waves" by Mary Brolley, Jeffrey is deemed a rock star among biostatisticians. His creation of a novel statistical method to capture and interpret biological data has made researchers all over the world take note.

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