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Phil club 2 Overview

Our program explores fundamental issues about truth, ethics, God and human nature, and it helps students work out the foundations of their faith and rationally defend it. 

It also teaches students logical reasoning and reading comprehension skills; both of which are essential to success in nearly any desirable career.

Student evaluation of our courses consistently shows that we rank in the top ten percent of types of classes nationwide for instilling "critical thinking and reasoning skills."

The study of philosophy provides:

  • Development of  critical thinking skills and the ability to:

    • Clarify, analyze and solve difficult and vaguely defined problems
    • Respectfully consider alternative points of view
    • Assess pros and cons of an issue
    • Find and articulate hidden assumptions
    • Communicate effectively
  • Personal benefits to students include:

    • Developing and articulating own Christian World-view
    • Engaging people of other faiths
    • Acquiring critical thinking tools to make well-reasoned decisions


We help students develop the critical thinking and world view assessment skills essential to engaging in the marketplace of ideas. Given the tremendous philosophical resources currently available for understanding and defending the Christian faith, we believe that no serious Christian who wants to engage today’s world can afford to neglect philosophy.


The critical thinking and faith development instilled by philosophy gives double-majors an edge that would not otherwise have.

Since the philosophy major only requires nine courses over general education requirements, it is an ideal major for double-majoring, which about half of our students do.  Past students have double- majored in such diverse fields as:

  • Bible
  • Mathematics
  • History
  • Psychology
  • Business
  • Biology
  • Biochemistry
  • English

Personal commitment to student development

Each faculty member in the department is personally committed to the intellectual and spiritual growth of our students both inside and outside the classroom. 

Christian emphasis

We are committed to helping students develop a strong and engaged Christian faith.