Academic Policies

Registration Procedures

Selecting Courses
During the fall and spring semesters, currently enrolled students may pre-register for the following academic semester. Students must consult with their assigned faculty advisor and obtain his or her signature before registering for classes. Before registering for classes, a student's bill must be paid to date and all health records must be complete in the Engle Center. A registration hold can only be cleared with a pass from the appropriate office.

Students who carry 12 or more credits in a given semester are considered full-time students. To take more than 18 credits, students must obtain special permission from their advisor and the College Registrar. Additional tuition fees are charged when students enroll for more than 18 credits.

The January Term is an integral part of the spring semester. Thus, students register for the spring semester and January term simultaneously. Usually they take 3 or 4 credit hours in January and 12 or 13 during the spring term. The credits earned during the January Term and the Spring Term compose the total for the spring semester. All students are expected to register for an on-campus or off-campus course during January Term each year. No discounts are given to students who do not enroll for a January Term course.

Messiah College: Office of the Registrar

One College Avenue, Suite 3007
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055