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Support Messiah

Support Messiah

You want to support Messiah College? Us too.

You may be here to give a gift. That's great news! Or you may still have some questions about how, when, and why to give. And that's okay too. We are here to help answer those questions, to share about what we do, and to provide the chance for you to engage in the present and future of Messiah College by giving.

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Whatever the reason, we're excited you are here. Take a look around, read more information, and hear stories of the impact your giving has on the incredible community here at Messiah College. After all, we are all a part of Messiah College for this core reason:

The opening commitment of our mission statement―to develop students’ “maturity of intellect, character and Christian faith”―reflects the integration of our community’s shared faith into every aspect of the Messiah College experience. This holistic educational model was the bold vision of our founder S. R. Smith more than 100 years ago and remains a cornerstone of our identity.

The other core components of Messiah’s mission—service, leadership and reconciliation—are also firmly rooted in the context of our Christian faith. We don’t just serve because it’s the “right thing to do”; we serve because God calls us to open our hearts to the poor and needy and to work for justice wherever injustice prevails. We learn to lead believing that Jesus is our ultimate example of leading with compassion, respect and love. And, because of our faith, we are compelled to build bridges of understanding and peace to demonstrate the reconciling love of God to others.

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