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Office of Development

Office of Development

Advent is one of my favorite seasons. It is a time of joy, expectancy and yearning. In Isaiah, the prophet foretells the Promised One—“For unto us a child is born”—a declaration firmly planted in the present tense, a promise growing and taking root. Centuries later, Christ arrives in the most unexpected way and to the most unsuspecting people—breathing his first breaths surrounded by animals, prickled by the manger’s hay; ignored by the throngs in Bethlehem and worshipped by shepherds.

During Advent, we rejoice in the fulfillment of God’s promises in Christ’s birth, and we eagerly anticipate the culmination of our hope in Christ’s return. Even amid the glittering decorations and traditions of this season, may we reflect on and welcome the promise of Christ’s arrival that always surprises. May our lives be radiant with Christ’s presence and great light.

Wishing you a blessed Advent season,

Kim S. Phipps
Messiah College

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