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Office of Disability Services

Campus Resources for Students with Disabilities


Disability Services
Amy Slody, Director, Murray Library 115C

Ext.  7258

The following support services are available to all students, but special provisions may be made for those with disabilities. Offices for the Learning Center & Writing Center are located in Murray Library. Supplemental Instruction is located in Boyer Hall.  The Career Center is located in the Eisenhower Campus Center. The Math Help Room is F349 and F351.


Learning Center
Ann Rohrbaugh, Director, Murray Library
The Learning Center provides a range of tutorial services through trained peer tutors. Subjects available include chemistry, biology, math, statistics, psychology, sociology, geography, education, history, economics, German, French, Spanish, English, Bible, and communications.


Writing Center
David Dzaka, Director
The Writing Workshop provides peer tutors for written projects. Support is primarily through process writing assistance. In some instances, tutors are able to go beyond this level of assistance and work more directly with students with disabilities who may need more direct assistance.  Click here to find out how to schedule an appointment. 


Supplemental Instruction (SI)
Kate Quimby, Director
Supplemental Instruction targets "high risk courses." For Spring 2014, SI is available for Anatomy and Physiology; Molecular and Cellular Biology; Chemical Science; Intro to Organic Chemistry; Organic chemistry; General Chemistry II and Exercise Physiology.  SI leaders attend class lectures, take notes, read course materials, then plan and conduct 2 or more review sessions outside of class each week.  SI enables you to learn both course content as well as study skills that are transferable classes, all in the same session.


Math Help Room
Doug Phillippy, Director

Ext: 2140
The Math Help Room is open Monday - Thursday, 7-9 p.m. Tutors are available for general physics and math help including Calculus, Statistics and General Education math courses. 


Financial and Managerial Accounting

Tom Chilcote

Ext:  6640

J-term:  Tutoring is available 7:00-8:30 in Frey Hall 345 every evening before a class day

Spring Term: Tutoring is available in Frey Hall 345 on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings generally from 7:00 to 9:00.


Career Center
Christy Hanson , Director
The Career Center can assist you in identifying your strengths, exploring career choices, preparing a resume, developing interviewing skills, and connecting with graduate schools and employers. The Career Center has information specific to students with disabilities as well as general information for all students.