Testing Accommodations - Information for Students

Test Registration:

Students registered with the Office of Academic Accessibility (OAA) who wish to register for an exam, click here.

Student Responsibilities:

Students should alert instructors and OAA staff about their intention to have an exam proctored in the OAA office at least 2 business days prior to an exam. Unless prior approval for a different time has been approved by the instructor, students are expected to schedule their tests for the same time their classmates are taking the exam. 

Any questions regarding tests proctored in OAA can be directed to the office at  Students are also welcome to stop by the Office of Academic Accessibility in Murray Library, Suite 115, for more information.


Testing Accommodations - Information for Faculty

Exam delivery and retrieval:

  • Upon receipt of the automatic email notifying you of a student’s test registration with OAA, your assistance would be greatly appreciated. A quick glance to confirm the date and time selected by the student will help us make sure that all is well to move ahead for test preparations. If you do not approve of the date or time, please let us know as soon as possible so other arrangements can be made. Since some students have multiple tests per day, there may be certain circumstances where we’ll need to work together to find solutions that maintains academic integrity and provides students with the best opportunity to utilize their extra time accommodation.
  • For both paper and online exams, we request that you click “Upload Exam Information” (from the automatic notification email) and either upload the digital version of the paper test or leave us a note regarding the online exam. Your notes about an online/Canvas test sent via the link in the email will be invaluable as we prepare to proctor final exams. Please let us know if there is a password and include any other special instructions. Thank you for your attention to these details. Examples of these details include the following:
    • Test time for the neurotypical peer;
    • Whether notes, books, or other resources are permitted;
    • Canvas or other standardized testing software passcode; and
    • If there are any other special instructions.
  • Our aim is to scan completed exams and provide them to professors within one business day. We strongly encourage you to review the email scans promptly to ensure legibility. All paper exams will be securely held in the Office of Academic Accessibility until the final grade submission date for the semester.  At that time, exams will be shredded. 

Instructor Tips:

  • All students who qualify for exam modification accommodations should either show their accommodation letter from the Office of Academic Accessibility or provide a copy to the instructor.

  • Professors should strive to maintain privacy when communicating with students receiving testing accommodations and avoid making announcements in front of the class regarding a student's modified testing procedures.