Messiah University's response to COVID-19

Messiah is in session this fall with flexible in-person and remote learning options, health and safety protocols and student care and support.



Testing Accommodations - Information for Students

Test Registration:

Students registered with the Office of Academic Accessibility (OAA) who wish to register for an exam, click here.

Student Responsibilities:

Students should alert instructors and OAA staff about their intention to have an exam proctored in the OAA office at least 2 business days prior to an exam. Unless prior approval for a different time has been approved by the instructor, students are expected to schedule their tests for the same time their classmates are taking the exam. 

Any questions regarding tests proctored in OAA can be directed to the office at  Students are also welcome to stop by the Office of Academic Accessibility in Murray Library, Suite 115, for more information.


Testing Accommodations - Information for Faculty

Professors who wish to provide guidance on how to proctor the exam, please send an email to  In that email, please let us know:

  1. Test length for the neurotypical peer;
  2. Whether notes are permitted;
  3. Whether food or drink are permitted; and
  4. If there are special instructions.

Exam delivery and retrieval:

Sending an exam as an email attachment is the preferred method of delivery.  It is equally secure for instructors or designated staff to hand-carry an exam in a sealed envelope to OAA (Murray Library, suite 115).  In the event OAA staff is unavailable when the exam is dropped off, the sealed envelope can be slipped under an office door.   Due to concern about the security of exams, the option of a student bringing an exam with them and/or returning the exam to the instructor is discouraged.  Completed exams will be delivered to Hoffman 101 and placed in a locked filing cabinet unless a request is made for the exam to be held in the OAA office for retrieival.  

Instructor Tips:

  • All students qualified for exam modification accommodations should show or provide a copy of their accommodation letter from the Office of Academic Accessibility.
  • Professors should try to keep communication with the student receiving testing accommodations as private as possible and should avoid making announcements in front of the class about a student's modified testing procedures.