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International Programs

2014 & 2015 Cross-Cultural Courses


Interested in participating in a cross-cultural?  Below is some helpful information that will get you started on your journey!


Below is a list of potential cross-cultural courses for the upcoming academic year.  (Courses listed as "Closed" are no longer accepting applications.) 


Click on the course name for more information and to begin your application!


May Term 2014    
Amish John Bechtold Closed
Germany John Beaney Closed
Italy Fabrizio Cilento & Ed Arke Closed
Malaysia and Singapore (HONORS) Erik Lindquist Closed
Nepal Bernardo Michael Closed
Scandinavia Niklas Hellgren & Alison Noble Closed
Spain Robert Reyes & Gladys Robalino Closed
Turkey Meg Ramey & Hannah Tims Closed


Students can still inquire about spaces for this trip even though applications are no longer being accepted.

Larry Mylin & Wanda Thuma-McDermond Closed
Urban Philadelphia (MCPC) Judy Walterson Accepting Applications
J -Term 2015 Faculty Leader Status

Costa Rica

Vince LaFrance Closed
Ghana David Dzaka Accepting Applications
Mexico Connie Ostwald Closed
Netherlands (CHE Ede - Christian University)   Pending
BIOL 290 New Zealand David Foster Accepting Applications
EDUC 308 - Indonesia Jan Dormer Closed
NURS 493 - Thailand-Nursing Senior Practicum Debra Loop Accepting Applications
NURS 495 - Zambia-Nursing Senior Practicum Wanda Thuma-McDermond Accepting Applications
THEA 362 - Ireland Gaiety School of Acting Tymberley Whitesel Accepting Applications
May Term 2015 Faculty Leader Status
Amish John Bechtold Accepting Applications
Cyprus David Pettegrew Accepting Applications
Germany John Beaney Accepting Applications
Italy Fabrizio Cilento & Vanessa Cilento Accepting Applications

BIOL 218 Healthcare in the Developing World (Zambia)

Larry Mylin Accepting Applications
NURS 494 Nursing in Nepal

Wanda Thuma-McDermond,

Heidi Lutz, & Josh Wethli

BIOL 297 Tropical Biology Erik Lindquist Accepting Applications