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Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA):

The Collegiate Learning Assessment is a direct measure of student learning. The CLA is an intensive 90-minute exam given to freshmen and senior students. The students are randomly assigned to take either a Performance Task or an Analytic Writing Task. The Analytic Writing Task is made up of a pair of tasks: Make-an-Argument and Critique-an-Argument. Students' responses are open-ended and socred using rubrics. These tasks are designed to measure the following higher-order skills: analytic reasoning and evaluation, writing effectiveness, writing mechanics, and problem solving.


Spring 2011 Collegiate Learning Assessment Executive Summary



Admitted Student Questionnaire (ASQ):


The Admitted Student Quesionnaire is a survey completed by admitted students (non-enrolling and enrolling). This ASQ provides a list of compeitor institutions in terms of common applications as well as a wealth of knowledge about student perceptions of Messiah College before they actually attend the institution.

Fall 2013 Admitted Student Questionnaire Results

Fall 2012 Admitted Student Questionnaire Results

Fall 2011 Admitted Student Questionnaire Results

Fall 2010 Admitted Student Questionnaire Results


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