Financial Aid Secure File Upload Instructions

Financial Aid Office Secure File Upload Instructions

Communications via email over the Internet are not secure and we ask you to refrain from emailing documents containing sensitive information to our office.  For the safety of your information, Messiah University has established a secure system to allow you to upload your sensitive documents to us.  If you prefer, you can choose to submit documents by FAX, U.S. Postal system, or personal delivery, but the secure upload system will get your documents to us more quickly and allow us to complete the processing of your financial aid more quickly.

Click here to access the Financial Aid Office secure upload system.

(Please be aware that this link is specific to the Financial Aid Office.  Other offices also use this system and may have a different link specific to that office.  If you have documents to upload to another office, please check with them for the specific link.)

When you access the above link, you will see this display.  The rest of these instructions will help you to know how to respond to each of these items.

Screen shot

  • Please read the instructions at the top of the screen to ensure that the file you want to upload is in an acceptable format, and then fill in each box as follows. 
  • Reason for Upload: Give a short description of why you are submitting this document.  For example, if you are submitting a tax transcript to satisfy a verification requirement, you might enter a note like this: 'Parent's tax transcript for student John Doe ID# 01234567'.  In addition to your note, please include in this field:
    • The student's full name as shown on correspondence you receive from Messiah University.  Do not use nicknames.
    • The student’s Messiah University student ID# (if known).  If you do not know the student's ID number, please go ahead and submit the document anyway.
    • Special Note: The IRS has recently adjusted the tax transcripts to remove or partially mask sensitive taxpayer data, including any information that would help us to identify who the transcript is for.  They have also added an optional 10-digit Customer File Number field to the transcript request.  Please enter the student’s eight digit Messiah University Student ID# in this field (with two leading zeroes) in order to help us know who’s transcript we have received.  If you did not do this when requesting the transcript, please write the ID # into this field before uploading.
  • Your Email Address: Enter the email address at which you would like to receive a confirmation that your upload has been successful and that we have received your document.
  • Your First Name: Enter the first name of the person submitting the document, not the student's first name.
  • Your Last Name: Enter the last name of the person submitting the document, not the student's last name.
  • Send File to: This field is defaulted to the Financial Aid Office and cannot be changed.  Make sure the document you are uploading is intended for the Financial Aid Office.
  • Upload file consists of: Choose the category that seems most closely associated with the document you are uploading.  However, be aware that this is just a guide and choosing the category that doesn't most closely relate to your document won't negatively affect your upload.  We will figure out where your document should go once uploaded, so please don't let this item stop you from completing your upload. If you are unsure of the appropriate category, simply choose the 'Other' category.
  • Notes or Instructions: Add any additional information you would like us to know about your document.  You are not required to enter anything in this field.
  • File to Attach: Click on the Browse button and browse to the document you would like to upload.  Click on that file and then choose 'Open'.  You will be returned to the above screen and your file name will appear beside the Browse button.

    (Please Note: You can only submit one document at time.  If you have multiple documents to submit, you can start the process again, after you have finished with this document, by clicking the Return to Upload button as described in the last bullet below.)

    Click the blue Upload File button.  You should see a screen that says:

     File Successfully Submitted

     Thank you for using the Messiah Secure File Upload Service

This message, and the email that you will receive, confirms that we have received your document.  There is no need to call our office to confirm receipt.

If you wish to submit additional documents, click the blue Return to Upload button at the bottom of the confirmation page. When starting the process over again, if you enter each field by typing the first letter that you previously used in that field, the system will remember your previous responses and you will not need to completely re-type each field, but you will need to make any changes required for each different document you are submitting.