Registration Details

Student Vehicle Registration

Submit a completed Student Parking Registration Form if you:

  • Purchased a vehicle and need a parking permit
  • Temporarily change vehicle registration to a different vehicle
  • Permanently change vehicle registration to a different vehicle

Turn your Student Parking Registration Form in at Student Parking/Box Office, ECC 122

2024-2025 Online Registration

Online parking registration for current residential and commuter students begins soon for the 2024-2025 academic year. Your timeslot is available in FalconPark starting April 2. Timeslots are allocated based on the number of credit hours presently enrolled in, plus credit hours previously accrued, not including AP or IB credits. Students with a financial hold will not be eligible to register until the hold has been removed.


May 13 to 28

To Identify Your Registration Timeslot

1. Falcon Link > FalconPark
2. You will see your online registration timeslot outlined in RED.

To Complete Parking Registration

1. Login to FalconPark on or after your designated timeslot
2. Follow on screen prompts that will appear once your timeslot opens
3. Only parking lots still available will be listed
4. Continue until you see a confirmation of your registration
5. Print this confirmation for your records

Registration for Students WITHOUT Internet or Data Access

Students that do NOT have access to the internet or data during the online registration period may contact the Student Parking/Box Office prior to their time slot for assistance in registering for parking.  Examples of students in this category would be, I am a camp counselor and our camp does not have reliable reception, I am away travelling in a remote region and cannot guarantee access, etc.

RA Registration

Resident Assistants should register during their regular timeslot.

Special Interest Housing

Students with Special Interest Housing should NOT register for parking online. A Parking Registration Form will need to be completed at the Student Parking/Box Office. Please note, the parking permit for Special Interest Housing will include parking only at the Special Interest House or in the Commuter lot (Starry Field) if there is no space to park at the house.

Permit Distribution

Permits will be distributed on the first floor of Eisenhower Campus Center in August.

   *Please note that your parking lot selection is not guaranteed and is subject to change.

Difficulties with parking registration must be reported immediately to the Student Parking/Box Office to reserve your space in line and maximize lot availability. We are unable to place you in a lot you were otherwise eligible for if it has filled in the interim. Contact us at or  717-691-6036, or visit us at ECC 122.

Parking Fees

$175.00/year for residential students (includes Special Interest Housing)

$100.00/year for commuter students
$10.00/year for 2nd vehicle (commuter students only)
$50.00/year for motorcycles
*Students may register only one vehicle/motorcycle

 Resident Students

                       A, B, C, D, F, G, H, J, and TR

 Commuter Students

                       P -  Starry Field

                       P1 - Commuter spaces in WW lot, J lot or Starry Field

Temporary parking permits will be issued by the following offices based on the listed days/times:

  • Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4 pm at the Student Parking/Box Office, 1st Floor ECC 
  • any other time at the Dispatch Office, 1st floor ECC 

Temporary parking permits are available to students that did not otherwise purchase an annual parking permit up to a limit of 3 weeks per semester.  Cost is $5 per week.

Students who have a change in vehicle during the academic year should register their new vehicle promptly to avoid a parking citation. To register a new vehicle students complete the Student Parking Registration Form and return it to the Student Parking/Box Office, ECC 122.  You must return your original parking decal when you pick-up your new decal.  Decals are not transferrable from vehicle to vehicle.

Fall Study Abroad Students

Due to the constantly changing nature of travel, students studying abroad for Fall 2024 will need to register for parking using the online parking registration in May. This will ensure students have parking for Fall 2024 if for some reason they are unable to study abroad.

If students are able to study abroad, the Student Parking/Box Office will endeavor to keep students in their originally registered parking lot when they return for Spring 2025. If students choose to register for parking after the Online Registration ends May 28, parking lot availability will be limited.

Spring Study Abroad Students

Students studying abroad during Spring semester may apply for parking for the following Fall semester utilizing one of the following methods.

  1. At the Student Parking/Box Office no later than November 25
    • Student Parking Registration Forms are available at the Student Parking/Box Office or on the Student Parking web page
    • You will be registered on the day your timeslot eligibility opens up
  2. Register during the online registration period utilizing your assigned timeslot
    • Timeslots will be distributed in April
    • Online registration typically begins in May
  3. Register when you return in the Fall
    • Parking permits are restricted to lots that were unsold and is extremely limited

Student will provide statement from an MD or DO verifying medical diagnosis which absolutely necessitates a change in parking from the students regular assigned lot

  • Student and physician must complete and submit the Medical Parking Permit Application form with a wet ink signature to apply for a medical accommodation for parking
  • If you have not already done so you should also submit a Student Parking Registration Form
  • Form(s) must be submitted with a wet ink signature to the Student Parking/Box Office, 1st Floor ECC

Approval is granted for no more than eight weeks per academic year.  Regular parking rates apply.

Students requiring handicapped or medical parking for more than a temporary period of 8 weeks in an academic year must present a handicapped parking placard issued to them from their home state Department of Transportation.

Commuter students must register for parking using the online lottery parking registration.  Only use the Student Parking Registration Form if you miss the lottery or do not have an assigned timeslot.

Commuter Fees:

  • $100.00/year for commuters
  • $10.00/year additional fee to register a second vehicle (limit two registered vehicles per student)

Commuters with Multiple Vehicles

  • Commuter students are permitted to register no more than two vehicles
  • Commuter students who register a second vehicle will be charged $10 in addition to the standard commuter parking registration fee
  • Students must provide proof of vehicle ownership by presenting a vehicle registration form for both vehicles

Which lot should I park in?

  • P1 permit holders may park in specially designated spaces in the WW lot, the J lot or in the Starry Field lot
  • P permit holders may park in the Starry Field lot at any time and in specially designated P1 spaces in the WW lot only between the hours of 5 pm and 6 am