Campus Network Access

Campus Internet Connectivity

The campus is connected to the internet using 2 different high speed providers each using two completely separate physical paths to ensure a very high level of reliability.


Wireless is available in all campus buildings and select outdoor locations.  Student Computer Support (SCS) can provide details on how to connect.  The main wireless networks and their use are as follows:

  • Messiah Secure: (recommended) Encrypted full access to the internet and all Messiah campus resources.
  • Messiah Guest: Unsecure access to the internet with some limitations.  Recommended for visitor access.
  • MC-Registered: Available for gaming, streaming, and other devices that cannot use the other options for internet access.  The device must supply a password and be pre-registered before it will be allowed to connect.

Note: It is NOT permitted to plug in your own wireless access point nor router of any kind. Personal access points and routers will interfere with the college system causing problem for others.  If you encounter wireless issues of any kind, please contact SCS for assistance.

Wired Residence Connection

Dorm rooms and one bedroom apartments have 1 active wired jack available usually marked with a big black letter C.  Two bedroom apartments typically have 2 active jacks; one in each bedroom.  If you have a need to connect multiple wired devices, a mini ethernet switch can be used.  Some are available from SCS.  Do NOT use a router or wireless access point device!

Computer Registration

ITS requires students to register their devices before using the campus network or accessing the Internet. Network registration helps ITS to track down problems with the network faster. The registration process is simple and done via an automatically displayed web page after connecting to the network.

Policy Enforcement

Due to the computer virus problem that plagues desktop computers, Messiah College has a policy that requires all computers connected to the college network to have updated antivirus protection. This policy will be enforced by an automated check of your computer using a product called Safe*Connect before Internet access is allowed. The check will be done by a very small program that will be installed via a web page. This will happen either during the computer registration process or when you access the Internet. You will be guided through the process via a series of web pages that will explain what is happening.