Students who do not waive the student health insurance EVERY YEAR and provide proof of private health care insurance will be automatically enrolled in the school's student health insurance plan.


Students Have Three Options:

Private Insurance

Ask your insurer:

  • Will your plan cover medical care and tests done "out-of-network" in Central PA?
  • Will you need to travel to your hometown for any medical care?
  • If you need to see a health care professional on or near campus, is a referral required from your primary care provider at home?

Student Insurance Plan

Students who forget to waive the school insurance will be automatically enrolled in and charged for the school's student health insurance plan through Aetna.
Please be aware:

  • The student health insurance plan sponsored by Messiah University is a PPO plan underwritten by Aetna.  It is an ACA compliant plan that offers accident and sickness coverage worldwide for a full year, 8/1/2023 – 7/31/2024.
  • There have been some incidences with high-deductible plans, out-of-state Medicaid plans, and HMOs that have hindered students trying to access healthcare from local community resources.  We strongly recommend that you check with your insurance provider to assure continued health insurance coverage while at Messiah University, specifically for diagnostic testing (lab work and x-rays) and referrals to specialists.   Some HMOs offer guest membership plans which provide healthcare benefits to continue at the same level when away from home.  Please contact your HMO insurance provider to find out if this option is available.
  • The Fall Waiver deadline is 9/11/23.  The Spring/Summer Waiver deadline is 2/12/24.  Please CLICK HERE to Enroll/Waive Coverage and for more information on our student health insurance plan.  For any questions or if you need assistance, please contact

Pennsylvania Medical Assistance

Students with preexisting medical conditions who are not eligible for health insurance coverage through a parent or guardian should consider applying for the Pennsylvania Medical Assistance program CLICK HERE to apply.  Note:  out of state Medicaid is unlikely to be accepted in Pennsylvania, anywhere other than the emergency room.




  • The Engle Center's Counseling and Health Services DOES NOT bill your insurance for their services.  Most visits are free of charge.  Some medications and vaccines are provided at cost.

  • If blood work, radiology, other testing or referrals are ordered, insurance WILL likely be needed.  It would also be needed in the event of any needed urgent or emergent care.

  • Students should carry their insurance card with them

  • Students should know how to identify health systems, care providers and laboratory services that participate with their insurance plan.

  • This information can be found by calling the 1-800 "member services" number on the back of the insurance card.

  • The University Health Service submits laboratory specimens to  Quest Laboratories .

  • Other tests and imaging studies are generally ordered through UPMC health system.

  • It's helpful if students have a basic understanding of how their insurance works, i.e.:

    • What services are covered when traveling "out-of-network?"

    • Are referrals from a home-town primary care provider needed prior to basic lab tests or x-rays ordered by the college health service?