Provost's Scholarship

The Messiah University Scholarship and the Provost's Scholarship cannot be combined.

The Provost's Scholarships are based on a student's high school or transfer academic record. There is no application form for this scholarship. The required information is supplied as part of the application for admission.

New awards for this scholarship are only made to incoming first-year and transfer students for a particular academic year. Students who did not receive this scholarship as an incoming first-year or transfer student cannot receive the scholarship in a future year. 

The Admissions Office uses official high school transcripts for GPA and official test scores to identify eligible first-time freshmen students. Students who choose to apply test optional are evaluated based on a combination of high school GPA, difficulty of curriculum (e.g., college prep), and student performance (e.g., grades in core courses).

Transfer students are required to have a 3.0 cumulative college grade point average (GPA). Students are notified of their Provost's Scholarship awards in the admissions acceptance letter.

Provost's Scholarships are renewed each year provided you make satisfactory academic progress.  Messiah's satisfactory academic progress policy and related requirements are available for review on our Financial Aid Policies webpages

The deadline for admitted students to update information that might increase the Provost's Scholarship:

  • New students, entering fall semester - May 1
  • Transfer students, entering fall semester - June 15
  • New and transfer students entering spring semester - Nov 1

Students are responsible for communicating to the Admissions Office any such increases in SAT, ACT, CLT or GPA according to the dates mentioned above.  Adjustments to Provost's Scholarships are not allowed after these dates.