Honors Program Scholarships

Messiah University Honors Program

The Messiah University Honors Program helps bright, curious students who wish to further hone their gifts and talents within a community that is both challenging and supportive. The Honors Program exemplifies Messiah's commitment to academic excellence and fostering and intellectually rigorous Christian world view.

Admission to the program is highly competitive; an invitation to interview does not guarantee admission to the Honors Program. There are three different levels of Honors Program Scholarships that can be earned and all come with an opportunity to participate in the Honors Program. Students who are selected to receive an invitation to the Honors Program receive either full tuition (Trustees') or partial tuition (President's or Faculty) scholarships.

To qualify, first-year applicants must complete the Messiah University application process prior to Feb.1.

Do you have questions about the Honors Program and your eligibility to be invited for an interview?

Ask your admissions counselor.