Transfer Equivalencies

Transfer equivalencies  

We have an online transfer course equivalency database to help you discern how your credits will transfer. It contains courses from colleges that have transferred to Messiah University in the past. It is not all inclusive, but contains courses that have either been asked about or have successfully transferred. Here are some guidelines for using the database:


  • In the “school” section type in the most significant word in the title (ex: Bucks), click “contains” or “begins with” and then click on Go.
  • Verify the college name in the box at the top of the page.  If it is not correct simply click on the down arrow and choose the correct college.
  • Search for your courses

If you are trying to look up which courses you can take at your current institution to fulfill a specific requirement at Messiah, leave the option “Sort by: Messiah University Subject and Course #” selected, and search for that requirement in the right-hand column.  

If you are trying to look up a course you have taken/will take and want to see if it has already been approved to transfer to Messiah, select “Sort by: Your University Subject and Course #,” and search for that course in the left-hand column.


  • The list you see are courses that have been approved next to the their equivalent Messiah course.

View our online Course Equivalency Database.