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Summer Day Camps at the Oakes Museum

Summer Day Camps

We hope to offer similar programs next summer - take care!

Exploring Forest Floor InvertebratesOakes Museum Summer CampsStudents dissecting a fetal pig at the Oakes Museum's summer camp.

Oakes Museum Summer Day Camps 2020

Our Summer Day Camps offer students entering 8th-12th grades a unique opportunity to learn in the field and lab.  Our qualified museum staff will lead each session, and college professors and professionals will offer their expertise as guest speakers. 

Camp is 9:30-4:00 each day with lunch included.  Students will eat in Messiah College’s dining hall.   

Aquatic Biology/Herpetology—June 22-26 ($325)
In this five day camp we will be examining the aquatic communities that can be found in both a stream and pond ecosystem.  Macroinvertebrates and fish will be sampled and examined to learn important identification skills and we will learn how macroinvertebrates are used to assess water quality. By sampling both stream  and pond ecosystems students will be able to observe adaptions that are unique to both aquatic systems.  The second half of the week will focus on amphibians and reptiles common to south-central PA.  Students will learn to identify the more common salamanders, frogs, turtles, snakes, and lizards found in this part of the state. Basic natural history of all groups will be discussed.  Daily field experiences around campus and off-site field trips will be an important part of this camp.

Entomology—June 30-July 2 ($200)
This three day camp will begin with an overview of insect taxonomy and morphology.  Material learned in this introduction will provide the skills needed to identify insects. Following the introductory lesson students will collect terrestrial insects in the field and learn how to prepare insects for permanent preservation and display. On day two we will focus our collecting effort on insects of the forest floor. This fascinating community is often overlooked by many of us. On our final day we will learn several sampling techniques used by aquatic biologists.  Insects captured in the stream and pond sampling will be identified and the natural history of specimens will be discussed.  Students will complete their aquatic insect ecology day by learning how ecologists assess water quality by examining the macroinvertebrates found in a stream ecosystem.

Survey of the Animal Kingdom Dissection Lab—July 7-9  ($250)
During this three day camp, students will learn dissecting skills, and use them to gain an overview of the animal kingdom.  Each student will dissect, and compare the organ systems of the following animals: earthworm, clam, squid, grasshopper, dogfish shark, pigeon, frog, and fetal pig. 

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