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Accounting B.S.

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Christian Accounting Degree Program in Pennsylvania

Prepare to become a Certified Public Accountant; enter the financial, corporate, personal or tax accounting field; or pursue auditing–all within a Christian perspective.

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Accounting-specific scholarships

Because of the accounting program's strong alumni support network, we are thrilled to offer over 10 different scholarship opportunities to incoming and current accounting major students.

Soft skill integration

The Association of International Certified Professional Accounts (AICPA) says, “Accountants are taking an increasingly visible role within their organizations, working on cross-departmental projects ranging from strategic planning to information technology initiatives. In addition, they are presenting data to a number of diverse audiences. As a result, employers look for accounting professionals who not only possess financial expertise but also strong communication skills.”

This major offers a distinctive experiential program that incorporates the teaching of communication into the upper-level accounting course sequence. Evaluated for accuracy, clarity and succinctness in both written and oral forms of communication, you will learn soft skills necessary for working with peers and communicating solutions to executives.

The 150 Hour Accounting Education Requirement