Nutrition and Dietetics B.S.


Nutrition and Dietetics Major in Pennsylvania

Learn to improve the nutritional health of individuals and communities with your bachelor's at Messiah University, one of the top Christian universities in the U.S. Our accredited nutrition and dietetics major prepares you for careers in medical nutrition, nutrition counseling and community health.

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Program emphasis

Within the nutrition and dietetics major, you’ll study a wide variety of subjects, including anatomy and physiology; inorganic and organic chemistry; food science and technology; nutrition science; management and business; education and counseling; and medical nutrition. Nutrition and Dietetics is a large major, so careful schedule planning is important. As you immerse yourself in classroom and laboratory learning, you’ll develop communication, teamwork, management and problem-solving skills essential to a career in foods manufacturing, food service, community health and medical nutrition. Messiah Nutrition and Dietetics graduates are known for their strong academic preparation and service to others.