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Department of Education at Messiah College

Melinda Burchard



Recent Research:

  • Pre-Service and Professional Development related to Multi-tiered Instructional Model (MTI) and Response to Intervention (RTI)


  • Developer of the MTISES, The Multi-tiered Instructional Self-Efficacy Scale


  • Effectiveness of Learning Strategies for postsecondary students with and without disabilities


Current Projects:

  • Study the needs of college students who are academically "at-risk"
  • Study the gains of pre-service teachers in components of multi-tiered instruction
  • Consultant to middle school for math interventions for struggling students and students in special education


Recent Publications:

  • Barnes, S.K. and Burchard, M.S. (2011). Quality and utility of the Multi-tiered Instruction Self-Efficacy Scale. Research and Practice in Assessment.



  • Barnes, S.K. and Burchard, M.S. (2010). Developing a scale to assess self-efficacy for Response to Intervention practices in schools. Northeastern Educational Research Association Annual Conference Proceedings at


  • Burchard, M.S. and Swerdzewski, P. (2009). Learning effectiveness of a strategic learning course. Journal of College Reading and Learning, 40, 1, 14-34.


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