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History Department

History Department Events


The History Department faculty and students contribute to and sponsor numerous lectures and events each semester.  History on the Bridge, our department blog, provides a running log of our various activities, as well as a list of events on one of the tabs there.  In addition to the American Democracy Lecture, Faith and History Lecture Series, and Humanities Symposium, our department has sponsored lectures by our own faculty on their research, as well as guest lectures by faculty elsewhere. 


Faculty Public Lectures

  • Anne Marie Stoner-Eby, "African Clergy, Bishop Lucas, and the Christianizing of Local Inititation Rites:  Revisiting 'The Masasi Case'."  February 2009.
  • David Pettegrew, "Writing History from the Dirt," November 2007.
  • Anne Marie Stoner-Eby, "Why Study African History," April 2005. 
  • Norman Wilson, "Post-Colonialism and the Future of History," April 2004.
  • Faculty Bookends Seminar on Indian Metropolis: Native Americans in Chicago, 1945-75 by Jim LaGrand, Messiah College Department of History, with panelists Alison Bernstein, Paul Rosier, and Steve Cobb.  November 2003.
  • John Fea, "The Way of Improvement Leads Home: The Rural Enlightenment in America," October 2003.
  • Bernardo Michael, "Doing Cultural History: Some Evidence from the Anglo-Gorkha Frontier, 1800-1815." November 2001. 
  • Faculty Bookends Seminar on Family, Commerce, and Religion in London and Cologne: Anglo-German Emigrants, c. 1000-c.1300 by Joseph Huffman, Messiah College Department of History, with panelists Edward M. Peters and E. Morris Sider.  November 1999. 

Guest Lectures

  • Christine Rosen, Author of Preaching Eugenics: Religious Leaders and the American Eugenics Movement (Oxford, 2004) and My Fundamentalist Education (Public Affairs, 2005), November 2008.
  • Hilda Mantelmacher, "Reflections of a Holocaust Survivor." November 2008.
  • Wendy Urban-Mead, Bard College, "Quest for Kinship in Christ: An African Family in the Brethren in Christ Church in Zimbabwe, 1900 to Present."  March 2007.
  • Genzo Yamamoto, "Global Modernity and its Discontents,"  Lecture presented as part of the Spring 2007 Messiah College Humanities Symposium.  February 2007.
  • Anne Applebaum, Pulitzer Prize Winning Author and Washington Post Columnist, "The Gulag: What We Know Now and Why it Matters."  March 2006.
  • Dr. David Chapell, University of Arkansas, "Stone of Hope:  Prophetic Religion and the Death of Jim Crow."  October 2004.
  • Jerome D. Bowers, Northern Illinois University, "Public History: The Content and Context of an Education."  September 2004.
  • Dr. Eric Miller, Geneva College, "In Search of a 'Decent Society': Christopher Lasch, Capitalism, and Community."  March 2004.
  • Linda Shopes, Pennsylvania Museum & Historical Commission, "Oral History: It’s More Than Turning on the Tape Recorder." March 2001.