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Department of Psychology

Psych Club


What is Psych Club, and why should I join?

Psych Club is an organization focused on fostering relationships among Psych majors, Biopsych majors, Psych professors, and all students interested in the field of Psychology. Our main goal is to generate discussion of psych topics, help students understand their major, and get people on campus excited about the fascinating subjects that psychology encompasses. We want others to join us in our love of the subject!


How can I become a member?

In order to become a member of Psych Club, all you need to do is attend two club meetings a semester.


How can I become an officer?

Every spring, Psych Club sends out a mass email to all students pursuing a major that is housed in the Psychology Department, encouraging those interested to place their name in the running to become a club officer. After all the names are collected, the club faculty advisor will choose the officers for the next school year. All current officers and new candidates will be considered.


What are some Psych Club activities?

Psych club hosts a variety of events that are intended to promote fellowship among club members and Psychology faculty, understanding about the field of Psychology, and dialogue concerning Psychology among not only Psychology Majors but all students across campus that are interested by the subject!

Events include:

  • Pizza parties with students and faculty
  • Psych-related movie nights
  • Ice cream socials
  • Psych-themed discussions/lectures
  • Occasional alternate chapels.


Club officers welcome member feedback and suggestions for future events!


Psych Club’s 2010-2011 Officers:


President: Kayla Davidson

Vice President: Conor McCahill

Treasurer: Stacy Gerberich

Psych Club Faculty Advisor: Dr. Chuck Jantzi


Questions or Comments?

Please contact the Psych Club faculty advisor Dr. Jantzi or the Psych Club President Kayla Davidson

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