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Creating a Homepage

A Jadu homepage is a feature rich webpage which uses pre-built ‘widgets’ to add form and function  A homepage can also become a top navigational link once activated. Homepages are built using rows, to accommodate a more complex page design.

A widget is an application, or a component of an interface, that enables a user to perform a function or access a service. Widgets control each element of content and functionality on a homepage. Jadu provides 14 standard widgets; ITS and Web Services currently offer several custom widgets for your use. 

Click below to see how to create a homepage, add a widget, and publish the homepage.

NOTE: The first time you Publish a Homepage, you will also need to go through Activating a Homepage. 

1. Create a homepage
2. Add homepage details
3. Add the first widget
4. Edit page content
5. Preview the homepage
6. Publish the homepage