Position Management

A Position Description outlines the requirements and duties of a position succinctly and in a structured format.  Position Descriptions are posted, along with the ads, when advertising for open positions.  They are also used in providing guidance to new hires, coaching employees, and evaluating performance.  Components of a Position Description include a position summary; education, experience and skill requirements; and primary and secondary duties of the job.

The official Position Description is maintained within https://jobs.messiah.edu/hr for all administrative and staff positions.

Create/Review the Position Description:

  • The Hiring Manager will access https://jobs.messiah.edu/hr to create the desired Position Description
  • The Position Description will be reviewed and approved at multiple levels, including Human Resources, the Department Head, Dean/Division Head, VP/Provost, Finance, and the President
  • Once approved, the Hiring Manager and all approval roles will be able to view the Position Description

Maintaining the Position Description:

  • The Position Description is reviewed by the manager and employee and updated, if necessary, at employee annual performance review; it may also be reviewed, as necessary, throughout the year
  • Significant changes in duties should be reflected in corresponding updates to the Position Description throughout the year
  • All changes to a Position Description within https://jobs.messiah.edu/hr are automatically submitted to Human Resources for review and approval
  • The updated version of the Position Description is accessible via https://jobs.messiah.edu/hr