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Academic excellence and Christian values.

Higher Ed Summer Session 2014

Messiah College’s reputation as a nationally ranked college that integrates academic excellence and Christian faith sets our master's in higher education degree apart. Our program nurtures visionary and thoughtful higher education leaders whose professional identity is rooted in a deep sense of purpose and vocation.

Theoretical foundations and practical experience.

By emphasizing the connections between theoretical principles and educational practice, our curriculum equips students with the requisite knowledge and creativity to excel in the dynamic environment of higher education. Internships and graduate assistantships allow students to put the theories, gained through classroom instruction, into practice through supervised, real-world experience.  

Expansive and focused professional preparation.

Students gain insight into the complex breadth of higher education but also develop expertise in a focused area of professional service within higher education. 

Accomplished and attentive faculty.

As experienced practitioners and accomplished scholars, our faculty draw on the literature in their field and their professional experience to prepare students for effective and innovative leadership in higher education. Our professors are caring, committed educators who engage students in meaningful conversations and mentor students toward fulfilling careers in higher education.

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Laura Julius

Graduate student, higher education
I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve as a graduate assistant at Messiah College while completing my degree. My graduate assistantship has allowed me to practice applying course material to real-life situations in a higher education setting.