Professional Development

The paramount goal of all supervisory positions is to support the mission of Messiah College:  to educate men and women toward maturity of intellect, character and Christian faith in preparation for lives of service, leadership and reconciliation in church and society. 

We offer the following series of professional development classes to help supervisors build their skill sets and position their unit for success.  Please see HR News for current schedule. 

Leading Your Team to Success…The Coaching Model

  • The goal of the coaching model is to help employees reach their maximum potential.
  • To succeed as a coach:
    • Build trust and respect
    • Provide tools
    • Develop employee’s problem-solving skills
    • Provide reinforcement
    • Link responsibilities to objectives
    • Commit to action
  • Coaching supports employee engagement
  • Increased employee engagement leads to:
    • Higher retention
    • Increased individual effort
  • For further guidance, enroll in the next Coaching for Supervisors session

Goal Setting for Supervisors

This session will cover:

  • “Cleaning up” old goals
  • Importance of goals
  • SMART Goals
  • Goal Setting:  Supervisor’s Perspective
  • Beyond Goal Setting
  • Resources for supervisors
  • To explore this topic, enroll in the next Goal Setting for Supervisors sessions

Performance Management

  • Managing the work behaviors of your employees
  • Why don’t employees do what they’re supposed to do?
  • Positive feedback and praise
  • Constructive Criticism
  • Preparing for a successful Performance Appraisal
  • To explore this topic, enroll in the next Performance Management session

Time Management for Supervisors

This session will cover:

  • Common Challenges:
    • Not keeping a to-do list
    • Not prioritizing/thriving on “busy”
    • Failing to manage distractions
    • Procrastination
    • Ineffectively scheduling time/tasks
  • Tackling Challenges
  • Other Time Management Tips
  • For strengthening your time management skills, enroll in the next Time Management for Supervisors session