Academic Credit Options

Requirements of an Internship

INTE391 - Examine the current syllabus
INTE394 - Examine the current syllabus

Register for Credit - When You Have Secured An Internship Site 

Click the "Registration for Credit" blue ribbon on the right side of this page.  When you receive an email indicating an Instructor Override has been granted, you may go into MCSquare, register, and adjust your schedule to avoid going over the 18 credit limit.

If you register for INTE391, the default setting is for a letter grade. Please note the following important information from the Registrar's Office:“If you intend for this course to meet a major, minor or concentration requirement, you must be registered for it as a letter-grade.  Final grades of “P” or “F” cannot be applied to meet major, minor or concentration requirements.

After you receive your course override and register for the course, check your registration in self-service Banner by accessing your Student Detail Schedule under the Registration menu.  The Grade Mode listed in each course (right below the instructor’s name) will tell you if you are registered for a letter grade or pass/fail."

Curriculum and Credits
Messiah's internship curriculum combines experience and academic reflection.  As the number of credits increases, so does the academic workload.

INTE391 (Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors)
1 credit =     40 hours total
2 credit =     80 hours total
3 credit =     120 hours total

INTE394 (Juniors and Seniors)
4 credits =   160 hours / 13 hours per week minimum
5 credits =   200 hours / 17 hours per week minimum
6 credits =   240 hours / 20 hours per week minimum
7 credits =   280 hours / 23 hours per week minimum
8 credits =   320 hours / 27 hours per week minimum
9 credits =   360 hours / 30 hours per week minimum
10 credits = 400 hours / 33 hours per week minimum
11 credits = 440 hours / 37 hours per week minimum
12 credits = 480 hours / 40 hours per week

Important Notes
INTE391 is letter-graded or, if you choose, pass/fail (see Registrar's note above)
INTE394 is letter-graded only.
No academic credit can be approved retroactively for any experience.

Changing Number of Credits
If you wish to change the number of credits for your internship, the following procedures apply:

  • First Week of Class - student make may the change on their own in MCSquare
  • Second Week of Class - student must fill out and submit a Drop/Add form to the Registrar's Office