Student Agreement / Guidelines and Policies
This form must be read and agreed to when completing the Registration for Credit online form.

Retroactive Credit
No academic credit can be approved retroactively for any experience.

No Guarantees
1) Students are not guaranteed acceptance into the Internship Program.
2) The Internship Center cannot guarantee a student will secure a site for any given semester, or that they will secure exactly the type of work/learning experience desired.   We also cannot guarantee a job before or after graduation, or that a student will succeed in life, however a student or others may define it.

Tuition Refund Policy
During the regular Fall and Spring semesters, the college's standard refund policy applies. See the college catalog for further details.

When a student registers for Summer credit the refund policy is initiated on the Monday following Commencement in May.  If the student drops the class before that date or during that week, they will receive a 100% refund of the tuition.  A percentage decrease takes place for each week after that.

Practicum and Service Learning
A Practicum must be initiated through your academic department, which may approve an experience from one to three credits. Academic departments have primary ownership and oversight responsibilities, but the Internship Center may assist with referral resources. Service Learning opportunities, both voluntary and for credit, can be explored in the Agape Center.