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Visual Identity

Messiah College

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The Importance of Visual Identity

In today’s information age, people are bombarded with hundreds of visual images and messages each day. Successful organizations know that it is important to build and maintain strong visual identity that will cut through the visual “clutter” and be recognized instantly and positively by key audiences. A strong and consistent visual identity can go a long way in helping an organization further its message and its mission.

In March 2002, the Messiah College Council approved a new logo that will serve as the institution’s primary visual identity mark on stationery, merchandise, brochures, advertisements, and other printed and electronic communications. It is important that the College’s visual communications present a consistent and uniform image. Using visual guidelines promotes the identity of Messiah College and increases our visibility in the community.

These visual identity guidelines have been provided to help the campus community use Messiahs visual identity marks consistently and to help represent Messiah College in the most effective manner possible.

Using This Website

This site contains specific illustrations, guidelines and examples of approved uses of the Messiah College logo and visual identity program. The guidelines have been designed to be user-friendly and to make your communication materials both attractive and effective. Each content section offers instant access to the information you need.

Printed manuals are available from the Office of Marketing and Communications by calling ext. 7342 (on campus) or 717-691-6027 (off campus), or download the complete manual (PDF version, 1Mb). The Messiah College Visual Identity Guidelines will be updated as needed. Questions regarding these guidelines or requests for camera-ready artwork may be directed to:

Executive Director of Marketing and Communications
Messiah College
Suite 3020
One College Avenue
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
ext. 7342 (on campus)
717-691-6027 (off campus)