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Pizza with the Prez

Pizza Prez

2014-2015 "Pizza with the Prez" Dates

President Kim Phipps would like to meet informally with students from each residence hall and apartment building to discuss campus issues that are important to them (with free pizza and beverages provided!). All students are invited to have "Pizza with the Prez" on the dates scheduled below for their apartment/residence hall:

November 5, 9 p.m.: Witmer (Location: Witmer lounge)
Contacts: Paula Hoffman, ex. 6079
Number: 250 residents 

November 11, 9 p.m.: Naugle (Location: Naugle lounge)
Contacts: Josiah Hatfield, ex. 4380
Number: 200 residents

November 20, 9 p.m.: South Complex (Location: South Side Cafe)
Contacts: Becky Woodruff (Mountain View), ex. 5210
Tim Ferret (Bittner), ex. 4094
Bryce Watkins (Sollenberger), ex. 6080
Number: 250 residents 

Spring TBD: Lunch for Commuter Students/Satellites/Harrisburg (Location: Commuter Lounge)
Contacts: Wendell Witter (Asst. Dir. of Student Involvement and Leadership Programs), ex. 7096
Kevin Williams (Asst. Dir. for Harrisburg and Special Interest Housing), ex. 4787
Number: 80 residents

Spring TBD: North Complex (Location: Fishbowl)
Contacts: Abigail King (Hess), ex. 4173 (Kayla Mini while Abby is on maternity leave)
Tera Dent (Grantham), ex. 5224
Glen Dornsife (Miller), ex. 4230
Number: 400 residents 

Spring TBD: Apartments (Location: Fishbowl)
Contacts: Bryce Watkins (Mellinger), ex. 6080
Abigail King (Kelly), ex. 4173 –(Kayla Mini while Abby is on maternity leave)
Glen Dornsife (Fry), ex. 4230
Tera Dent (Smith), ex. 5224
Number: 300 residents

Dave Downey, ext 5088
Norma Miller, ext 5380