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Faculty - Department of Theatre and Dance

Meet our faculty

Tymberley A. Whitesel-Professor of Theater Design, Chair
Tymberley A. Whitesel

Professor of Theater Design, Chair

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Edward Cohn, Ph.D.-Associate Professor of Theatre
Edward Cohn, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Theatre

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Gregg Hurley, MFA-Assistant Professor of Dance
Gregg Hurley, MFA

Assistant Professor of Dance

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Daniel Inouye, MFA-Assistant Professor of Theatre
Daniel Inouye, MFA

Assistant Professor of Theatre

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Richard Sautter, MFA-Adjunct Instructor of Theatre
Richard Sautter, MFA

Adjunct Instructor of Theatre

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Adjunct Faculty

Danielle Smith Guillermo

Adjunct Instructor of Ballet

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Department Staff

Kimberly Barger

Production Manager

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Melissa J. Mendez-Technical Director
Melissa J. Mendez

Technical Director

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