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Vehicle Parking Info

Faculty and Staff Vehicle Registration

Complete an Employee Parking Permit Registration Form.

Faculty and Staff vehicle registrations and questions should be directed to JoAnn Schaeffer at ext 7147 or by emailing

Student Vehicle Registration

Complete a Student Parking Registration Form for any of the following reasons:

  • New Student vehicle registration
  • Current Student vehicle registration
  • Temporary vehicle registration
  • Handicapped parking permit
  • Disabled vehicle permit

Complete and print your Student Parking Registration Form and bring it to the Falcon Exchange on Eisenhower Campus Center 2nd floor. The Falcon Exchange is open Mon-Fri, 8 am - 4 pm.

Please refer to the Campus Map to see where each student parking lot is located.

Parking permit fees for 2013-2014:   

  • $110.00/year for Residential students
  • $50.00/year for Commuter students

New 2014-2015 Parking Fees

The College has approved the following 2014-2015 parking fees:

  • $125.00/year for residential students
  • $50.00/year for commuting students
  • $25.00 late parking fee for anyone applying for parking after the posted deadlines.
  • $5.00/week for temporary parking permits.  Limit of three (3) temporary parking permits per semester.

Special Notices:

Studying at an off-campus program?

We realize that the online parking sign-up process (end of April) may not be possible for students who are studying at off-campus programs, because of internet issues and/or time zone changes. If you will be studying at an off-campus program for Spring 2014, before leaving campus please complete a Student Parking Registration Form for Fall 2014.

  • Print out your completed Student Parking Registration Form and drop it off at the Falcon Exchange on the second floor of Eisenhower Campus Center before you leave campus.
  • Deadline is March 30, 2014. Any Spring 2014 parking requests received in the Falcon Exchange after this date are placed on the waiting list for parking.

If you have any student parking questions, please email Falcon Exchange at or call 1-717-691-6052, or 1-717-766-2511 ext. 7192.

Temporary student parking permits will be issued by the following offices based on the listed days/times:

  • Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Falcon Exchange (ECC 2nd Floor)
  • Monday through Friday, after 4:00 pm at the Dispatch Office in ECC
  • Saturday and Sunday at the Dispatch Office in ECC

Temporary parking permits (up to a limit of 3 per semester) are issued at no charge for up to three (3) days only.

The parking lot assignment for ALL temporary parking permits is Treona parking lot. Treona is located behind the Falcon Hut in the Starry Athletic complex. Students will be ticketed if parked in any other area. Please refer to the Campus Map for parking lot location.

Please complete the Student Parking Registration Form and bring the completed form to the Falcon Exchange located in Eisenhower Campus Center 2nd floor or to the Dispatch Office as per the above hours of operation to have your parking permit assigned. Blank copies of the Student Parking Registration Form are also available in both office locations for your convenience.

Any questions regarding student vehicle registrations should be directed to or 717-766-2511, ext 6052.

Parking Permit Information:

New First Year Students

Parking Applications must be approved prior to a first year student bringing a vehicle to campus.
First year students may apply for a parking permit for the following reasons:

  1. Non-Traditional Student: First year students who are 21yrs old by the start of the semester.
  2. Medical Need:
    Student will need to provide documentation from physician verifying health issues, which necessitate the use of a car. Documentation must include the dates the medical request is needed for.
  3. Home Distance from Campus:
    If you live more than 250 miles from Messiah College. Messiah College refers to for verification.
  4. Employment:
    Students must meet the following employment qualifications:
  • Must work at least one day a week for most weeks of the semester.
  • The job must be in a 40-mile radius of the campus.
  • The approval is for 1 semester at a time.
  • Proof of ongoing employment must accompany the registration application.

Permit Deadlines

New students have until July 31 to submit a Student Parking Registration Form and supporting documents to the Falcon Exchange. A committee will review the Student Parking Registration Form and supporting materials and a decision will be made to approve or deny parking privileges. Students will be contacted via their Messiah College email account if the parking registration is denied. Students who are approved should pick up their parking permit at the Falcon Exchange during Welcome Week on Move In Day.

Transfer Students

Transfer students should complete a Student Parking Registration Form and submit it to the Falcon Exchange prior to July 31. Parking permits will be available for pickup during Welcome Week on Move In Day.

Returning and Continuing Students

Permits for those students who participated in the online parking process or applied prior to the July 31 deadline may be picked up during Welcome Week on Move-In Day. Those who did not register during the on-line parking registration process or over the summer may apply in person in the Falcon Exchange and will be issued a parking permit in one of the remaining parking lots.

Parking in the following lots is reserved for students living on campus:

  • A, B, C, D, F, G, H, J, and TR

Parking for students who are commuting or living off-campus will be assigned to:

  • P - Starry Field

Students must pick up their parking permits before the end of the second week of classes. Any permits that have not been picked up by this deadline will be forfeited and a refund will be made to the student's account.

Spring Semester

If you are no longer in need of a parking permit for spring semester please consider turning it back in to the Falcon Exchange so that it can be reissued to another student. Deadline for resubmission is December 20 in order to receive a financial credit for return of the permit.

On-line Parking Registration Process

In late spring an on-line parking registration process is held for all current students. Each student will be assigned a specific time slot based on number of credit hours previously earned plus the current semesters credit hours and class schedule. Registration is conducted via MCSquare and the Bosscars parking software. Please note your parking assignment is subject to change up until the time the permit is issued.

RA Parking

Parking spaces are set aside in each lot for student Residence Life staff. RAs should not participate in the on-line parking registration process. RAs will instead be asked to complete a RA Student Parking Registration Form and submit it directly to Residence Life. Every effort will be made to assign parking lots as close to the preferred buildings as possible, however priority is given based on total number of credits.

Medical Parking

Students who have a medical condition that necessitates a special parking accommodation should not participate in online parking registration and should instead submit a letter from their physician to the Falcon Exchange indicating any special needs they have pertaining to parking on campus. The letter must include the dates the accommodation is needed.

Students Studying Abroad - Fall 2014

Students studying abroad during fall semester 2014 should register for Spring 2015 parking prior to leaving campus by completing the Student Parking Registration Form. The form can also be submitted to Final deadline to apply is November 30.

No Car At Time of On-Line Parking Registration Process?

Students who do not have a vehicle on campus at the start of the online parking registration process, but expect to have one the next school year are encouraged to participate in the on line parking registration process and register for a space.

Missed On-Line Parking Registration Process?

July 31 is the deadline for all returning students to register a vehicle for the next academic year. All required paperwork must be submitted to the Falcon Exchange by this date without exception.

Satellite Housing Parking

All students residing in satellite housing will be issued a complimentary parking permit for a specific lettered lot designated for satellite housing (SH). Satellite housing students are not assigned to park on the main campus, however may choose to park on campus by purchasing a Commuter Parking Permit for the P lot.

Any questions concerning student parking can be directed to:
Any questions concerning student parking tickets can be directed to:

Student vehicle registrations and questions should be directed to the Falcon Exchange at 717-691-6052, ext 6052 or by emailing