Safety Office

We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week year round.

We can be reached at:
Extension 6005 for non-emergency on-campus calls; Extension 6565 for emergency on-campus calls; 717-691-6005 for off-campus calls.

Our Location:

The Department of Safety’s office is located at 432 Grantham Road, adjacent to the main entrance of the University. When you make the right onto Grantham Road from Lisburn Road, follow Grantham road by turning right before you cross the railroad track bridge to come onto campus. Our office is in the brown house on the right side. The house is directly behind the red brick wall with the “Messiah University” directional sign on it.

Staff Training/Crisis Response:

All officers within the Department of Safety have their own individual and unique certifications and credentials. All are trained in first aid, CPR/AED and physically able to respond and provide immediate first aid in medical emergencies. All officers are trained and qualified to respond to an alarm, assume charge and, if necessary, order and direct a building evacuation. Officers respond immediately to incidents of a criminal nature. The department staff is aware of the sensitivity of sexual and racial incidents and responds with tact, understanding and empathy. As the department is assigned the leadership role in immediate response, staff will respond to all unforeseen “acts of God”, other threats to operational management, provide for the injured and call needed assistance, establish control, and assess damage.