Bicycle Reg Info

Bicycle Safety and Registration

Registration and Fees

  • All students, faculty, and staff who have a bicycle on campus must register it upon bringing it to campus.
  • You can register online. Click Here
  • There is no fee for registering a bicycle.
  • You will receive a Messiah University Bicycle identification sticker that is to be placed on your bicycle.
  • Unlike vehicles, bicycle registration only needs to happen once.

Rules While Riding a Bicycle on Campus

  • Every person riding a bicycle on campus shall be subject to all the laws of PA Vehicle Code, Title 75, Section 3501-3513.
  • No bicycle shall be used to carry more than one person at a time unless the bicycle is designed for it or has a child carrier.
  • Every bicycle being ridden from sunset to sunrise shall be equipped with a lamp on the front of the bicycle, and with a red reflector on the rear. While riding a bicycle on the roadway and sidewalk, pedestrians shall be given the right-of-way.
  • Bicycle helmets are not required for riding on campus. However, for safety reasons, it is strongly recommended that every rider wear one.
  • Any person in violation of the rules and regulations listed above will be subject to a $10.00 fine.
  • All fines are due and payable at the Business Office only.

Storage of Bicycles

  • Storage of bicycles shall be in the student's resident room, or any of the bicycle racks placed at various locations on campus.
  • All bicycles must be secured while on campus if unattended.
  • Any unattended bicycles found not in their proper location on campus will be removed by Messiah University personnel, and taken to the Safety Office.
  • Any bicycle turned in to the Safety Office will remain there for a period of thirty days. After this period, bicycle not claimed by the owner may be disposed of at the discretion of the Director of Safety.
  • Bicycles should be locked with a chain and padlock or other locking device.
  • It is prohibited to chain bicycles to trees, poles, stairways, hallways, etc.
  • Any bicycles found in front of residence halls or apartments will be removed.
  • All students not staying at the University during the summer months must take their bike home with them at the end of the school year.

Bicycle Rack Map

click here for the bicycle rack map

The University assumes no responsibility for bicycles used or parked on campus.

Bicycle Safety

Register your bicycle with the Department of Safety. We also recommend that all bicycles be engraved in the event that a bike is stolen or lost; this aids in the return of the article to the rightful owner.

Lock your bike with a U-lock at one of the bike racks on campus. Even if you are only going to be gone for a few minutes. Do not lock your bike to lamp posts on campus or to stairwell railings in the buildings. Use the bike racks. Lock it or Lose it!

Wear protective head gear, check all components of the bike for proper working order, invest in a headlamp and flashing rear light for night time riding, obey all traffic control devices, and use proper hand signals. Not all drivers on campus may be paying attention, so you must help as much as possible.

If you believe your bike has been stolen or is lost, check all of the bike racks on campus first. Then come to Department of Safety to file a report.

bike safety 2How can I prevent bike theft on Campus? 

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Bicycle Registration

Click Here to fill out Bicycle Registration Form