Fire Safety Office

Contact Information

John Naccarato (Fire and Safety Systems Coordinator)
E-mail: at x6022 or
Dispatch: at (717) 691-6005 (off campus), x6005 (on campus)


Greenbriar: Safety Office (432 Grantham Rd, behind the Messiah sign at the main entrance to campus)

Services & Responsibilities

  • 4 (quarterly) sprinkler inspections.
  • 2 (semi-annual) fire alarm inspections.
  • 2 (semi-annual) suppression and clean agent inspections.
  • 2 (semi-annual) central alarm system inspections.
  • Annual fire extinguisher inspections.
  • Annual fire hydrant flow test.
  • Annual automatic/rolling fire door drop tests.
  • 5-year fire hydrant hydrostatic tests.
  • 5-year fire department connection (FDC) and standpipe hydrostatic tests.
  • 5-year sprinkler obstruction inspections.
  • 20-year quick response (QR) sprinkler head inspections.
  • 4 fire exit drills (2 per semester).
  • Monthly fire pump inspections.
  • Monthly fire extinguisher inspections.
  • Annual fire extinguisher training.
  • Annual gas detector recalibrations.
  • Replacing faulty fire safety devices (smoke detectors, heat detectors…)
  • Replacing batteries in fire safety devices (smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors etc…)

Fire Safety Policies & Information

Campus Fire Log:

Messiah maintains a log of fires that have occurred in on-campus student housing in accordance with federal regulations (34 CFR §688.49).  The log is open to public inspection during normal business hours (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday with the exception of campus holidays/closings) at the Dispatch Office, located in Eisenhower Campus Center, 500 University Avenue.