Fire Safety Office

Campus Fire Safety Report - The Higher Education Opportunity Act (PL 110-315) became law in August 2008, requiring all United States academic institutions to produce an annual fire safety report outlining the fire safety practices, standards, and all fire-related on-campus housing statistics. The following public disclosure report details all information required by this law as it relates to Messiah University.

Campus Fire Log - Messiah maintains a log of fires that have occurred in on-campus student housing in accordance with federal regulations (34 CFR §688.49).

Campus Door Stop Guidelines - Information pertaining to the use of door stops and wedges on campus.

Grilling Policy - Campus policy on the use of charcoal grills on campus (including satellite housing)

Get Out and Stay Alive - Guide for Colleges and Universities published by FEMA

Emergency and Fire Drill Evacuation Procedures - Students - Procedures for Evacuation during a fire alarm/emergency.

Emergency and Fire Drill Evacuation Procedures - Procedures for all students/staff/faculty for emergency and fire drill evacuations

Fire Alarm Response - Faculty/Staff - Fire Alarm instructions for faculty/staff during a fire alarm

Contact Information

John Naccarato (Fire and Safety Systems Coordinator)
E-mail: at x6022 or
Dispatch: at (717) 691-6005 (off campus), x6005 (on campus)

Information on Fire Safety Office