Emergency Phones


There are eighteen (18) emergency telephones located on campus. The locations are:

  • Front of Smith
  • Back of Smith
  • Fry parking lot (Lot F - Behind Fry)
  • Back of Kelly
  • Front of Fry
  • Upper Pit parking lot (Lot C)
  • Lower Pit parking lot (Lot B)
  • Lower Pit parking lot (B/D lot)
  • Far end parking lot (Lot D)
  • Jordan Center parking lot (Lot WW)
  • Front of Mellinger
  • Back of Mellinger (Lot G)
  • Starry Field front of lot (by the Tennis courts)
  • Starry Field back of lot (by the Falcon Hut)
  • Treona parking lot (2 phones)
  • Lenhert Building (by Fleet Services)
  • Visitor Parking lot (Lot VV - Front of ECC)


For Emergencies:

Push the "red" button; you will hear the emergency number being dialed automatically (there is a short delay while this occurs); staff personnel will answer your call, ask about the nature of your emergency and dispatch an officer to your location.

For Non-Emergencies:

The emergency phones can also be used to call Safety for Safe Walk/Safe Ride at ext. 6005, or to call any other extention on campus. However, the phones are not to be used for extended phone calls. They are to be used to summon for information or assistance only. To do this, you would push the black "Call" button and then dial the extension needed.

The phones are checked weekly by the Department of Safety to make sure they are operating correctly. 

* Minimum penalty for tampering with or misusing the emergency telephones is $500. This includes making prank phone calls from these telephones. They are for your safety in time of need. Let's not misuse or abuse them!