Reporting a Crime

Members of the Messiah University community are encouraged to report all crimes and emergencies to the Department of Safety in a timely manner.  Safety Officers patrol the campus 24/7 year round in marked patrol vehicles, on foot, and on patrol bicycles.  Safety Officers are radioed to respond to incidents received by the dispatchers in the Campus Information Center/Dispatch Office.

If you observe a crime or a suspicious incident, call IMMEDIATELY.  Don’t assume someone else has made the call.  DO NOT report any situation or emergency by sending an email to a member of the Safety staff; this may not be received for hours or days.  Follow the below guidelines to file a report.

To report a crime or an emergency situation on campus:

Call the Department of Safety:
Ext. 6565 (emergency number from any on-campus phone)
Ext. 6005 (non-emergency number from any on-campus phone)

717-691-6005 (from off-campus or from a cell phone)

If the situation is life threatening or you wish to contact the local police, fire or EMS yourself:

  • Dial 9-911 (emergency number from any on-campus phone)
  • Dial 911 (emergency number from any off campus phone or a cell phone)

Try to provide the dispatcher with accurate, detailed information about the problem in a calm manner.

    Provide all details of the incident/situation
    Give the location of the incident
    Describe the type of incident and what the emergency is
    Describe the suspect, suspect’s vehicle, license plate number and/or direction of travel if available

STAY ON THE LINE until the dispatcher says it is OK to hang up.

Anonymous Reporting:

If you would like to report a crime but remain anonymous, click on the “I Need To Report” link below.  This form provides Messiah University employees and students an immediate and accessible option to report bias or discrimination, interpersonal harm, and potential crimes.The information you provide will be received by the appropriate persons and investigated. Caution however, that information submitted through this site, while checked on a regular basis, is not monitored 24 hours a day. Therefore, the form should not be used for emergencies that require immediate response or those that are life threatening in nature.

I Need To Report